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CUT CONTROL 1000 is a digital control system for paper cutting machines. With the help of CC 1000 you can update a cutter that does not have digital control. You can also replace a control system that has failed or is obsolete. Control system on the guillotine can speed up your work up to 4 times depending on the cutting scenarios. It not only saves you a lot of money but it helps you to save the environment. Giving your guillotine a second life noticeably decreases carbon footprint as for the remelting the old paper cutting machine and manufacturing the new one brings a significant release of carbon into the atmosphere. So it’s a really ecological solution.

Nowadays CC 1000 is the most modern complex of cutters control software and hardware for printing houses. The functionality of this programming tool is beyond the comprehension of our competitors. Our system has no restrictions on the number of cutting programs and the number of steps in them. You can create the programs outside of the users interface. We've also provided the ability to transfer the programs between paper-cutting machines equipped with CUT CONTROL 1000. Statistics would help you to manage and control your printing house.

The operator can extend the program with the fan system toggling, clamp extension for the safe paper rotation, an animated hint about the direction of rotation of the paper in a particular cutting step. The interface also provides an indication of the hand sensor, knife position and the clamp state. Despite wide functionality, the interface remains as simple and intuitive as possible, with no special skills required to use it.

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Create programs on your PC or smartphone with ability to export them to your paper cutting machine
You can connect all of your
CUT CONTROL 1000 into one network
Functional, handy and user-friendly interface
Unlimited number of programs and steps
Setting up CC 1000 won't require you to remove your previous system
We're sensitive to your requests so we don't hesitate to publish updates
You can invite new users to your group for programs sharing and to analyze working statistics
Our main benefit is an accessible price
Setting up the system with our experts arrival can be done in a single day
Working statistics

One year warranty on all system components

The delivery set includes:

  • CUT CONTROL 1000;
  • 1.1 kW frequency converter;
  • OMRON 1000 encoder;
  • Sensors;
  • 24V power supply;
  • Software;
  • Industrial panel (Optional).

System installation:

Installation can be carried out with our experts arrival or independently. In the second case, you will get comprehensive instructions from support.

If an accident occurs, replacing the controller with a new one takes no more than two minutes. No risk of losing programs or settings.

We are always in touch to resolve any questions or issues.

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